Kodak™ Sheet Film

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K. B. Canham Cameras, Inc. is excited that we have an agreement with Kodak™ to sell special order sheet film. We can order any emulsion that Kodak™ currently produces in any sheet film size you desire, so long as one dimension is 40" (1016mm) or smaller. Orders can be completed either by a single purchase of an entire run, or via a Co-Op.

Film orders will require 100% pre-payment (shipping not included). Once pre-payment is received you will be placed on a list along with everyone else that has ordered the same size and emulsion of Kodak™ film (this will be referred to as a Co-Op). Once enough orders are placed to reach the minimum number of boxes needed we will contact Kodak™ and should receive the film in approximately 6 weeks.

You can purchase Kodak™ film directly from K. B. Canham Cameras, Inc. or from a dealer.

Prices do not include shipping from K. B. Canham Cameras, Inc. to the purchaser. Shipping cost will not be collected at pre-payment but once the film has been received and exact shipping can be determined.

If you are interested in any Kodak™ film please contact us via phone at 480.250.3990 or use our inquiry form. The current emulsions available from Kodak™ are: Portra 160, Portra 400, Tri-X 320, Tri-X 400, T-Max 100, T-Max 400, Ektar 100

Here is a "How to order film" page for help on ordering film. To place a pre-order for a film please fill out this form and send it along with your payment.

To find out what is currently started pre-purchases please contact us via phone, the inquiry form, check out our Facebook page.



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